We have 10 years of professional experience, which is manifested mainly in the organization of conferences, sporting and team building events, gala dinners and international weddings. The road to success depends on the people, the expertise and the attitude. We believe that our team is the most suitable for making your event a success and thereby raising and further enhancing your company’s image.

Apart from a successful event, you need a number of other things for a successful operation of the company! Be it the structure of a marketing campaign, graphic materials, the design and production of presentation or promotional materials or the editing of own publications. It is important for us that the customer has an impeccable image in the eyes of the target audience, which image is reflected in everything from fine materials and a discerning website through a successful event. Thus, mutually supporting each other’s activities!


We like to be present already at the stage of the basic idea of organizing a conference as we have organized for several years English-speaking conferences where we took an active part in choosing the topic and the presenters, in inviting the specific speaker, in the communication, in the implementation and in the post-communication. We can help create a really high quality event for you because we know who the main players are in the different sectors.

A family day home or a company sports competition always shows a new face of the colleagues, because staff members can test their skills in an informal setting in front of their colleagues. According to our experience, company employees’ favorite sports are golf, squash, tennis, go-kart and dragon boat as these are ideally suited for networking, thus, the colleagues or the partners of the company may move their relationship to a different level.

Organizing a gala dinner is fun! A gala dinner, an awards ceremony always crowns some great results of the year, where the management team and colleagues also feel good about contributing to a successful event! Organizing a nice event for happy, satisfied people is the finest feeling on Earth! Through our excellent connections, our customers get the best price of the best hotels and the best venues! For us, it is important that a celebration should really be something to celebrate for everyone.

Weddings, in particular international weddings, always take place in an elevated mood! Two people grown up in different cultures decide to connect their lives. Two people, who are preparing for the most important event of their lives, bring two families, two cultures under one roof. Members of our wedding planner team, specifically trained for mixed marriages, are at the disposal of the young couple to answer every question, thus making this stressful period easier and happier.

One of the strengths of our team is that we dare to dream big inside the dimensions of a family enterprise. Thanks to our connections, we implement even seemingly impossible ideas.




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